Saturday, April 28, 2012

How do you say "done" and "finished" in Spanish?

How do you say done and finished in Spanish?

Esperanza, the Spanish teacher, hopes someday that we will learn Spanish well enough to get from Madrid to Barcelona on our own. That is a challenge, because it means going from castilian or castellano to catalan. And if you don't know what that means, then you are not ready.

Before answering a student's question on translation, she always asks, "What is the context?" Good question because words change depending on the meaning that is to be conveyed. So, think before you answer a question.

It is a good rule in life.

If you want to say you are done with something, like homework, you would say, termine. If you want to say that something is done, like it is over forever, then you could say, terminado.

Finished and done are the same in Spanish. If you want to ask the question, "Are you finished?" Then use, "Terminaste?"

Then again, simplify life and use the French word fin or the Italian  finito. You will sound worldly.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cual es la diferencia entre "entender" y "comprender" ?

Cual es la diferencia entre "entender" y "comprender" ? 

Use entender, cuando tu puedas saber el significado de lo que otro esta hablando.

Comprender, es mas sobre el relacionado a los sentimientos o la materia.


Comprendo que mi profesor es brillante, y yo comprendo física, pero no entiendo una palabra que lo dice, porque su español es pobre.

No entiendo, por favore repita.

No entiendo los hosts de la televisión en español porque hablan demasiado rápido.

Yo comprendo que se tiene a hablar español para lo aprender.