Monday, March 26, 2012

Gustar y encantar, querer y amar.

Gustar and Encantar

Whether you say me gusta o me encanta depends on how much you like something or someone.

Me gustan los peliculos, pero me encantaban Los Juegos del Hambre.

I like movies, but I  loved The Hunger Games.

 ¿Te gustaban Los Juegos del Hambre

Did you like The Hunger Games?

Use Me gusteria or me encantaria  for a nice way of saying, I would like to or I would love to ... .

Me encantaría a ver Los Juegos del Hambre contigo / con usted.

I would love to go to see The Hunger Games with you.

I assume that we all know that gustar and encantar are verbs that requires an indirect object. That is why it is me instead of yo. Thus, the use of singular or plural depends on the number of objects liked or loved. In this case, movies and The Hunger Games are both plural.

Querer and Amar. 

After you have been to the movies a few times with someone, maybe you have fallen head over hills in love. In that case, it is time to say Te quiero. After you have been together as a couple, then you can say, te amo

Escucha a Amado mio - Luz Casal & Quatuor Ebene


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